Most interesting game in browser

There are many games which you can play right in to your browser. You have probably played those small quick online games in flash. Like drag racing, super mario and other similar games. This games are very addictive and can take many hours out of your time.

  • Have you ever heard of a game called Gunblood?

This is one of the most popular games in browsers in nowadays. There are many things what you can do in this game. This is basically a very easy game. You just need a good reaction and only few mouse clicks to win your opponent.  You need to put your mouse on the gun and when the count down ends you have to move mouse to your opponent and kill him. This is how this easy game works. But it is not all to make this game more interesting there are many cheats available. Look in this website to see some great gunblood cheats. I guarantee that these codes will blow your mind and you will love this game even more!

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